KGE Procurement Subsidiary of KGE Group Africa Holdings – Raw material – Supplier of Coal/Mineral commodities and Agricultural products.

Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing Supplier based in Johannesburg we look after the Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mining, Automotive and Warehousing industry.

  • Protective clothing range includes:  
  • Safety Footwear- Brands include Euro Safety, Caterpillar, Bova, Lemaitre, Mammoth Workwear, Hi-Tec, Rebel Safety Gear
  • Corporate Clothing- BARRON Golf Shirts, BARRON T-shirts, BARRON Jackets, BARRON Workwear, BARRON Sportswear and BARRON Corporate Gifts offers a huge range of affordable and quality products to suit your needs.
  • Safety Glasses- ImpressionTM II safety glasses are one of Sightgard®’s finest, with such features as optically correct lens, anti-fog coating and adjustable temples.
  • Ear Muffs- Helmet ear muff with radio AM/FM function, with a limit of 82dB. This earmuff admits important conversations and alarm signals, at a safely amplified level. SNR: 29dB
  • Protective Gloves- Natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl alcohol, Saranex™, Tychem®, Trellchem®
  • Fall Protection- V-FLEX Harness, Back/Chest D-Ring
  • Medical Kits.